The atrium at Heany Park Primary School houses bearded dragons, turtles, water dragons and blue tongue lizards! Students can wander freely through the main corridoor and view these animals in a natural environment. Children feed and care for them on a daily basis; they are a wonderful feature of our school. A web cam can view these animals at play on the school network.

One of our parents and animal lovers, kindly re-furbished and constructed this fantastic desert environment. Robert’s daughters, Isabella and Amali are shown below holding two of our new family members.


You can contact Heany Park Primary School and ask us any questions you may have in regards to our reptiles.



Heany Park Primary School  participated in the Science in Schools program. One of our aims was to link our science teaching and learning to real science in the wider community. 

The development of the atrium has been a result of student action and community involvement over a number of years resulting in this wonderful atrium that is the pride of the school.



Our students became interested in lizards and began research on the Reptiles Australia website. Simon Watharow, then President of the Herpetological Society, was contacted and his advice proved invaluable. It was decided! We would look after reptiles from the Lost Reptile Home. Some modifications were made to the atrium with help from the school community and a $5000 Small Volunteers Grant from the State Government meant that we could plan for the future. An intranet web cam and web site was set up and with that the Reptile Atrium took off.


  English  Word   Indonesian Translation
  Reptile   Binatang melata
  Lizard   Kadal
  Tail   Ekor
  Leg   Kaki
  Scale   Sisik
  Tongue   Lidah
  Claw   Kuku
  Skin   Kulit
  Pond   Kolam
  Food   Makanan

News articles and letters

The Lizard Atrium is looking very good and the lizards are settling in to their new habitat very well. It is almost completed. We are just waiting on the ponds to be fixed. There is now a letter box in the door to the Lizard Atrium for students to send letters to the lizards to find out information about them.

Here is the lizard’s first ever etter. It is from Kobe.

He asks, “What do you guys like to eat and what do you like to play?

Each day we feed them and they like to eat vegetables like carrot, celery and lettuce. They also eat minced meat. They don’t really like to play. They like to lie down and sunbake.

Thanks for your letter Kobe. We look forward to sharing many more letters at assembly and in the school newsletter. We hope the lizards will be able to answer your questions.


Article 1

Adopted Reptiles


Article 2

No Horse Play


Article 3

Reptile Rescue