Sister School


Heany Park applied for an ASEAN Bridge school and have been successful in having been allocated a school in Brunei. That teacher will be coming to Australia to take part in a conference in Brisbane in the middle of August and she will then come to Heany Park and spend 6 days getting to know the students and teachers before returning to Brunei on August 23rd. In the September holidays Ibu Brown will fly to Brunei to visit our new sister school and learn all about schools in Brunei. Stay tuned to find out the name of the teacher from Brunei.

Budi Utama Vision: To be a community of learners who nurture the potential and character of students in an optimal, and integrated, manner so that they become virtuous human-beings, with an emphasis on strengthening three languages so that students are able to compete in the global community.

Our Values: As a community, Budi Utama learners, including the adults therein, consistently and with complete sincerity strive towards a bright future—harmonious, balanced, growing, prosperous, and abundant—by becoming life-long learners.

Mrs. Dickinson (AP) and Ms Evison (Principal) welcome Felix and Grace. 5th March, 2018 (pictured to the right).