Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our community at Heany Park Primary School.

The beginning of your child’s primary schooling is a wonderful time for parents, children and teachers. Your child’s physical, academic, social and emotional growth will be tremendously exciting and rewarding to see.

I look forward to your new or ongoing association with our school. Heany Park Primary School is proud of its commitment to the development of our students’ academic and physical skills, their social competencies and life skills, and their emotional maturity, so that they grow as creative, resilient, socially adept and responsible young people.

The partnership between the home and school is crucial to achieve this for your child. We welcome your participation in the classroom, through School Council, in our Parents’ and Friends’ Association, or in a myriad of other ways.

Your input is valuable to us as we seek ways to continually improve our school to create the best possible educational environment for your children.

I encourage you to take the time to make yourself known to your child’s teacher and become actively involved in your child’s classroom and school events.

I look forward to seeing you on your first day of school.


Janet Evison

Beginning school

As the time gets close for your child to start school, there are a number of things which parents can do to help their child settle in easily. Here are some ideas:

  • Walk with your child to school so that he or she knows the way even if you plan to drive him/her most days.
  • Point out the different school buildings and playground areas.
  • Discuss the enjoyable things your child will participate in at school. Be cheerful and encouraging.
  • A child who enjoys school will be more likely to learn. Try not to make your child feel guilty by asking “Did you miss me?” or saying “I missed you today.”
  • Once school starts, make sure your child knows where to meet you. If children are to feel secure, it is important that they are met on time. On all days the children will be dropped off and collected from the outside door of the classroom unless it is raining. Your class teacher will let you know alternative arrangements.
  • Label all your child’s clothes and things such as lunch boxes and school bags. A ribbon or special key ring on the school bag can help your child identify his/her bag easily. Show your child what you have done.
  • Talk about how long the school day will be in a way that your child can understand. “It’s as long as pre-school but you’ll have your lunch after that, and perhaps then some stories and then I’ll come and get you”.
  • Talk about the difference between playtime and lunchtime. Show your child what food you have packed each morning and say when you expect it to be eaten. Make sure your child can easily open the lunch box, wrappings and drink container, and be able to eat/drink the contents without help. Yoghurt tubes are not appropriate at school.
  • Ensure that your child has a nutritious and sustaining breakfast. Your child’s first opportunity to eat after school has started is not until 11.00 am. Lunch is from 1.15 pm. A good breakfast will help your child concentrate and be better able to learn.

Parent involvement

Heany Park Primary School encourages parental participation and involvement in many aspects of the operation of our school. After reading the preceding pages of the Prep Information Booklet, you will have some idea of the number of committees, sub committees and other groups who help around the school.

All school meetings are open to the public, so feel free to come along. In addition, a significant number of parents help with classroom activities such as reading, writing, PMP, computer, etc.

Please watch the Newsletter for invitations to help from the principal, the teachers or the various committees. We are always open to new ideas and offers of assistance from community members. New members of our community are encouraged to put themselves forward as ‘helpers’ at Heany Park.

Please note that from 2014 School Council has decided that all volunteers at HPPS must have a current Working with Children Check. These can be submitted online at your local Post Office for no cost other than the cost of a passport photo.

School history

Heany Park Primary School had its beginnings at a public meeting in the gymnasium ofRowville Primary School on Thursday, June 6th, 1991. Convened by the Ministry of Education and attended by representatives from the Ministry of Housing and Construction (who were responsible for planning and supervision of the construction of the school), the meeting allowed the many residents present to learn about this new school to be built in Buckingham Drive.

The final design of the school was to be decided in consultation with a local Planning Committee, five members of whom were parents nominated at the June 6th, 1991 meeting. Those parents were Nola Sargeant, Louise Miller, Helen Kirmond, Malcolm Houghten and Julie Goschnick. The other parties in the Planning Committee were representatives from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Principal and two teachers from the neighbouring Rowville Primary School. A budget of $3.5 million was allocated to build and equip the school.

In December 1991 the site works commenced and the committee looked forward to their plans becoming a reality. Even with the very wet weather experienced in 1992, the building continued on schedule with the framework and brickwork well on the way by May and the gymnasium under construction by June.

Heany Park Primary School is named after Mr. T.M. Heany who was a Clerk of Works and Shire Engineer in the Shires of Ferntree Gully and Mulgrave during the early 1900’s.

Heany Park Primary School opened on 26th January 1993 with 131 pupils. This figure was about 100 less than was anticipated.

The school was officially opened by Mr. Hurtle Lupton, State M.L.A. for Knox on 18th May 1993. Also present were representatives of the Department of School Education, Van Driel Ltd – the builders, Ministry of Housing and Construction, local government officials, local principals, parents and friends.

In 2011, a new six classroom permanent building was completed, funded by the Federal Government’s ‘Building the Education Revolution’ initiative.

We anticipate commencing the 2017 school year with 17 classes.

Principal’s message

Welcome to Heany Park Primary School, thank you for enrolling at this school. We know that you and your family will enjoy many exciting and challenging years participating in our school community. Our school is set on spacious grounds with the beautiful backdrop of the Lysterfield hills. The staff is dedicated and promote a professional learning community where teaching and learning is central to all decision making.

Our strong school values are respect, acceptance, integrity and lifelong learning. These are embedded in all that we do and contribute towards the development of independent, confident and resilient learners. We aim to prepare students to meet the challenges of an ever changing global society, so they will have the skills, values, understandings and courage to undertake a positive, productive and rewarding role in that world.

The beginning of your child’s primary schooling is a wonderful time for parents, children and teachers. Your child’s cognitive, physical, spiritual, social and emotional growth will be tremendously exciting and rewarding to see. I look forward to your new or ongoing association with our school.

To do this, close links between home and school are essential. Research has clearly shown that school achievement is strongly related to parental involvement and support.

How can you help? Encourage your child to ‘have a go’ at all aspects of school life. Be realistic in your expectations and support your child’s teacher. Take advantage of the many opportunities to be involved in school life.

Heany Park PS recognises the importance of literacy and numeracy and has a strong focus on these areas with dedicated time to explicitly teach these skills. A guided inquiry approach fosters students’ natural curiosity through an integrated curriculum where students are supported to uncover deep understandings about the world and also develop an inquiring mind. We are committed to assisting every individual at Heany Park PS to be a responsible citizen who cares for the planet and its people and to achieve his or her ‘personal best’ within a supportive, nurturing environment.

We believe everything we plan must be an investment in our students, to ensure they leave the school the well-rounded, thoughtful, open minded and compassionate young people we want them to be.

We hope the handbook will provide a useful guide to school life. We welcome your ideas, suggestions and active participation.

Kind regards

Janet Evison